The Threats

The threats to free speech online are varied, real, and often deadly.

Citizen journalists and human rights activists living under government censorship risk imprisonment and torture; even their families are put at risk by their important work. Political publications that question state-owned media sources become targets for police violence, and individual online behavior is tracked and punished.

Individual people living behind government firewalls are cut off from information about the world, about their own governments, and about the possibility of a freer life.

Every person around the globe deserves access to the unfettered world wide web of ideas, education, and perspectives. Free Speech Online puts the technical tools for access and privacy into the hands of the people who need them the most. Our tools are content-neutral and available to every web user around the globe — because people should decide for themselves what to share and what to seek.

Below is a small sample of a few censoring countries. In fact, most countries in the world practice some form of online censorship.

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